#1: Team - Task - Individual

John Adair developed the Action Centred Leadership model which gives an overview of three key areas where managers need to focus their time:

Achieving TASK – meeting deadlines, controlling/monitoring, identifying resources, planning & setting standards

Developing the TEAM – building team morale, team performance & behaviour, shaping team culture, teambuilding & feedback

Developing INDIVIDUALS – understanding individual team members, assisting, supporting & developingthem, giving feedback, recognition & praise

Adair believes that successful managers have full command of this model. This gives them the ability to take stock of where their current focus is and refocus when necessary in order to achieve balance in all areas over time.

This model does not stand alone, it is part of an integrated approach to managing and leading


  1. This is about where your focus is NOW and allows you to question if this is right for NOW
  2. It is over a period of time so regularly to see if you need to refocus in a different area e.g. you may be heavily TASK focused as a project nears the end, following project completion it may be the right time to start focusing more on TEAM or INDIVIDUAL