#14: Situational Leadership - negatives

This learning byte focuses on the impact of getting it WRONG!

Be careful...

We can come across as ingratiating if we overdo the supportive nature of the participative style and that can get on people’s nerves and start to annoy!

If we are too pushy with task and people focus it can come across as indulgent.

When using the Telling style we must be mindful of appearing autocratic.

When adoptingdelegative style we must not wash our hands of the task totally or else it will appear as if we are deserting the individual!

Think back over the last few months are there any scenarios where you could be quilty of any of these?, What were the reactions from others that indicated to you that you may have got it wrong?, what could you have done differently?, which style do you sometimes feel you “overdo” and which, if any, do you adopt as your “default”