#16: Tuckman

This learning byte helps you to identify the
stages of team development

Tuckman has identified that teams work through four, quite separate, stages:

    The group gets together for the first time. Formal rules/methods of working are yet to be established
    After the relatively polite forming stage, members grow in confidence and an amount of in-fighting is likely
    Now the group moves on to establish norms in the form of systems and procedures
    Finally, the group becomes far more of a cohesive unit and starts to perform as a team


  • What stage of team development is your team at?
  • What impact is this having on the team performance?
  • What can you do to progress your team to the next stage?
  • How can you help your team with this transition?


  • Progress from one stage to the other is not automatic!
  • Whenever a new person joins the team the dynamics will change again
  • Your team may be in ach stage for different time periods