#19: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to a learned ability to perceive, understand and express our feelings accurately and to control our emotions so that they work for us not against us.

To become emotionally aware you have to develop your:

Intrapersonal Intelligence – The inner inteligence we use to know, understand and motivate others

Interpersonal Intelligence – This is the outer-intelligence we use to read, sense,
understand and manage our relationships with others

Habits of high EI People

  • Easy going, relaxed, gets along with most people
  • Positive/optimistic outlook, rarely criticises, flexible in their views
  • Interprets their own emotions, deals with reality, willing to be vulnerable
  • Express own emotions, accepts life/frustrations
  • Laughs a lot – especially at themselves


  • How Emotionally Intelligent are you?
  • What about those people around you?
  • What behaviours do you see that supports your view?
  • What impact does it have?
  • How can you develop your EI?
  • How can you help others do the same?