#20: Postures

There are many “Postures” we can choose to adopt in response to everyday life and this learning byte introduces you to a few of the most common


  • Life happens to me
  • I can’t influence
  • I am created as I am because of my world


  • My life is a burden
  • I carry my suffering
  • I feel ‘put upon’


  • I am responsible
  • I can influence
  • I can create my own experience


  • What posture do you default to?
  • What impact do you think that has on those around you?
  • What postures do you see being adopted by those you work with?
  • When would it be beneficial for you to actively choose a different posture?

It’s useful to get into the habit of being aware of the posture you naturally adopt and questioning whether this is a positive one in a particular situation.

Equally be aware of the postures others adopt and try and help them increase their awareness, through feedback and coaching, when you feel a change would bring a more positive outcome.