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You will spend here the time between Module 1 and Module 2 and also after Module 2.

This programme will give you additional know-how that is necessary to get when you have become (or already are) the leader.

You will spend approximately 10-30 minutes once a week

What you should know before you start studing this on-line course

You will study three lessons between both modules. Each lesson will open every monday, so you have enough time to go through it. You shloud be able to manage it by the Module 2.


When new lesson opens, you will get an e-mail to be informed.

Module 2 is planned on 23 and 30 May 2022 and by that time you should be able to manage ALL THREE LESSONS in this on-line training. Please complete the lessons before the Module 2. You will need the information from on-line trainig during Module 2.

After Module 2 you will have an access to additional useful information for you to become better leader

The extra bonuses will be opened:

What do you find in this onine course?

My Lessons

This on-line course has totally three lessons that you will pass in sequence


Check out the bonuses such as interesting videos and tips for reading

Who Will Take Care of You?

Petra Šimková

We met during the Module 1 that you have already completed. I will guide you during this on-line course and we will meet again during Module 2.

Please, feel free to contact me, if you need during this on-line training or if something doesn’t work. The best way how to contact me, is via e-mail petra.simkova@myskill.cz.