#10: Giving Feedback

One of the key skills of managing effectively is to give timely and honest feedback.

Given in a coaching style this can be a powerful tool for you to develop.

Feedback  allows others to  become aware of their “hidden window” (e.g. the things that others see but the individual is unaware of).

Increasing an individual’s   awareness of their behaviours then allows them to make choices about how they want to behave differently

It is important to remember that others’ perceptions of you are, whether true or not, are their reality.  Understanding their reality gives choice.

Top Tips

  • 1
    Use the Coaching spectrum
  • 2
    If you have tried non -directive slowly move along the scale
  • 3
    When appropriate be specific, use examples
  • 4
    Remain objective
  • 5
    Keep those questions open!