#4: The Eight Elements of Effective Communication

Effective communication is the sending and receiving of messages from one person to another

  • 1
    Making sure you send ideas or packets of information at an understandable pace. Too many can overload the receiver.
  • 2
    Who are you sending information to? What’s their level of understanding? What’s their level of education? Tailoring it to your audience increases the chances it will be received and understood.
  • 3
    Is all about saying, looking and sounding like you mean what you are saying (see the learning byte on Impact for more information.
  • 4
    Getting and giving attention is sometimes hard. Stay present to what’s going on and take action if necessary.
  • 5
    Active Listening
    Involves focusing on the person you are listening to and not what’s going on in your own head
  • 6
    Follows naturally from Active Listening. Simply because it gives you the opportunity to ask if there’s something you don’t understand.
  • 7
    Confirms to the sender that the message is received and understood. Remember, on the telephone, you need to verbalise the acknowledgement as the sender won’t see your nods.
  • 8
    Relates to the pauses you take in your communication.

Top Tips

  1. Stay conscious of (or present to) how your communication is being received
  2. Notice where your focus is in any communication
  3. Develop flexibility in your communication style to achieve consistently better results