#6: The Impact of Our Communication

Whilst the words we use are important in terms of the detail of what we’re communicating, the impact we create is often more dependent on other things.

The (nonverbal) visual part of our impact

Is created by our body language and physical posture.  Eye contact is the most important element of body language but other things such as gestures and facial expression can also play a role in creating different impacts.

The voice part of our impact

Is created by our use of tone.  Tone can be broken down into:  volume, pace, pitch, projection and energy.

The words (verbal) part of our impact

Whilst this creates the least impact, it’s still significant.  Vague words (e.g. I should be able to help you with that) inspire less confidence than the more positive ones (e.g. I will be able to help you with that).


  • What sort of impact do you wantto create? Is the conversation supposed to be warm and friendly or business-like and professional?
  • When you’ve decided what you want your impact to be, have a go at creating that impact by rehearsing the conversation
  • If you find you’re not having the impact you want in a conversation (e.g. the person is not engaged) have the intention of creating a better impact and allow your communication style to flex

Don’t become too conscious of it all or it’s likely to go wrong.  It’s a gentle awareness that creates the best results!